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Our goal is to reach young people at the 80 schools and community organizations with unfulfilled requests for our services. We also have 18 program partners eager for additional programs. Meeting this demand will require an annual budget of $1.3 million, representing more than a tenfold increase in ATG’s current capacity. We need your help to grow.

Our program model is proven, in demand, and ready to replicate. We have successfully leveraged the skills and expertise of over 600 professionals to date, providing more than 3,000 students with 120 arts programs since 2005. ATG has won awards, grants, and instituted the fundamentals of a $1 million operation.

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Cost-Effective Programs
90% of every donated dollar supports our programs. Our business model places a premium on partnering with schools and community organizations to lower program delivery costs. This allows us to deliver high-value, low-cost programs where they are needed most.

What We Need
Investments in new programs and in organizational capacity growth by committed funding partners will allow ATG to provide more urban youth with critical arts learning opportunities.

Where We Want to Go
We doubled our budget in 2013 and have maintained that upward trajectory. We aim to build our capacity to serve 500 more students and to institute a summer artists’ showcase annual fundraiser in the near future.

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