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Photo Credit: Charles Steinberg

Photo Credit: Charles Steinberg

Beyond the “Right” Answer: Community Revitalization

We invest in cultivating the most valuable raw material there is — the limitless potential inside young people. We believe all the students we impact will cause a ripple effect in their families and communities.  One fewer dropout in a family can be the motivation for a sibling to finish school. One good job in a family can help break cycles of poverty. We believe the path to community revitalization goes through our arts education efforts.

Teaching toward standardized tests and taking the measure of students’ minds with multiple choice is not enough to train the next generation of employees, citizens, and innovators. Arts to Grow succeeds where those efforts fall short. Time and again our programs have provided the missing spark to build a young person’s confidence, motivation, concentration, and creative thinking capacities, resulting in better collaboration and more robust skills attainment.

We believe creative thinkers and problem-solvers are created by an immersion in the arts. Students who participate in our arts programs are less likely to drop out, more likely to perform better in school, and are more prepared to tackle complex challenges. Ultimately, we hope they are also more employable, better able to work in teams, more globally aware, and more creative. We are working to mold young people to become undeniable evidence of this hope. Our focus is never on the result alone but on the process of achieving it.

We believe art doesn’t just imitate life. It is life. In all its complexity.

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