Graphics processing Unit – An overview

A Graphical Processing Unit commonly known as the GPU is a programmable logic chip or mostly a processor that is specialized for display functions. A GPU provides images, videos, and animations for the computer’s screen.

The GPU’s are found in the plug-in cards on the motherboard, or in the same chip as the CPU. The common difference between the CPU and GPU is that the CPU is composed of few cores with lots of cache memory that can handle only a few threads ate a time whereas, the GPU is composed of hundreds of cores which can handle thousands of threads simultaneously.

Working principle of the GPU fans

Both perform the same task that is they move the heat away from the central processor on the graphics card using a fan and heat sink. The fundamental principle of these fans is to get rid of the heat. They intake the cool air from outside and spread it all over the various parts and expel out the heated air from the various parts of the computer. This is commonly used in all laptops and personal computers.

Single fan vs dual fan GPU

This module gives the view on single fan vs dual fan GPU

The major difference between the two types is the process that they use to get rid of the heat generated by the various parts of the computer.

The fan is mounted on the external plastic casing and they draw power from the card itself. Single fan GPU takes out the heated air and they do not expel it immediately whereas the other type spreads the hot air over the heat sink and the heated up air is expelled into the interior of the case and through the bottom and top of the graphics card. There are other differences between the graphics card single vs dual fan.

Single fan vs dual fan GPU

The blower design graphics card has a protective plastic all around the heat sink on the cooler which includes the top and bottom of the graphics card. The open area on the mounting plate connects the PC case and holds the electronic plates.

To choose the better one for your PC or laptop, it generally depends on the setup size. For a big setup which is usually a conventional desktop PC that is big with a roomy case, open-air coolers are more suitable and they tend to perform better.

Thus, for a smaller case, it is advised to go for the blower GPU cooler design and maximum performance in a larger case, we can go for the open-air GPU. The dual fan vs single fan GPU specifications is best suited based on the individual system performance.