How long does a wireless router last?

To know how long a wireless router last, there is no science to find the exact duration of any network. But it can be answered on a rough scale where this module is going to help you find the average life span of wireless router.

The average lifespan of the wireless router

The main reason for upgrading the internet hardware at home is to make sure that all the parts are up-to-date. To meet the growing demands, the manufacturers need to constantly update their system with new technology. It is to maintain a certain standard and keep it aligned with the growing trends in the market. Investing in a new router at regular intervals keeps both the internet and the components updated.

Signs to look after

Nobody knows the average life of a wireless router as it purely depends on the user. However, here are a few signs to check the durability of the wireless router.

wireless router

Slow internet

If you are opting for 100Mbps and your data speed reaches only half of it, then it could be because your router would be outdated. It may not be sufficient enough to carry the bandwidth provided by the internet supplier. You should consider a newer, heavy-duty option if in this case.

Constant disconnections from devices

Nobody will ever appreciate a gadget disconnecting from the router often. The constant disconnection from the router is the result of the incompatible router.

Physical symptoms

A primary physical sign to change your wireless router is when it is warmer than usual. In this case, the top and the side parts of the router becomes heated up than the usual. There are chances to hear unusual cracking sounds from the router. If it’s not properly monitored, it may cause the internal parts to damage which may lead the router to be damaged severely.

The router has limited coverage

Any basic wireless router’s coverage area can reach up to 150 feet for indoor areas. If the performance is observed to be weak within this coverage area, we must conclude that the router is noticeably weak. In this case, you will have to sit beside the router for network coverage. A Wi-fi extender would be a temporary fix to this issue but it cannot be a permanent solution.

It may be difficult to change the wireless router often but it is wise to move on to a new wireless router every four or five years of service. Upgrading to a new system helps in saving money in other means rather than spending it for maintenance and repairs.