show pictures on TV

How to show pictures on TV?

Sharing memories from a recent trip takes you down the memory lane. Why not take advantage of viewing the pictures on a big screen rather than watching it on your smartphone or your camera?

Here, in this module, you are going to know about how to show pictures on TV. It is so simple and easy which doesn’t require much effort from any side.

Use a smart TV or streaming media player’s Internet apps

Smart TV is a boon in recent times. They are not just for watching TV shows and movies on TV channels but they are also used for multi-purpose. You can just use a photo viewing app to access your smartphone or streaming media player. They help to play photos on TV using the slideshow option.

Connect your smartphone via HDMI

Many of the smartphones nowadays have a micro HDMI out port or a USB-C port thus making the ways easier to connect the smartphone to your television. You can connect your television with your smartphone using micro HDMI-to-HDMI cable or you can use a USB-C to HDMI cable.

Connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly

The smart TV has an option for screen mirroring where you can directly share your smartphone screen to the television using Wi-fi. If your smartphone and TV are made by the same manufacturer, you will find the screen mirroring option or something similar to that to directly share your smartphone screen to your television screen.

Use your phone or camera’s memory card

Another simpler way to view photos on TV is by using the smartphone or camera’s memory card. Pop-out the memory card from the smartphone or camera and put it into the SD card reader and connect the SD card reader in the USB socket found behind your smart TV. For most Tv, inserting an SD card reader will launch the photo viewer.

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Use a USB cable or flash drive

To show pictures on TV, the simplest way is to connect a USB cable from your smartphone or camera directly to the television. If the photos are stored on a laptop or a computer, all that you have to do is to copy the photos and videos from them to the flash drive. This will automatically start streaming photos to TV.

Thus viewing photos and videos of your trip or any other event on a big screen like a TV with all of your family members is going to take you down the memory lane and have quality time together.