How to find out your husband has a secret cell phone?

Checking on your husband doesn’t categorize you under the title of ‘not a good wife’. It is the matter of safety and that doesn’t require you to be guilty about it. Here are a few tips to find out if your husband has a secret cellphone.

Check if your husband has an alternative number

The first and the foremost thing that you have to do is to find out if he has a hidden mobile number without your knowledge. You can collect this information from your mutual friends. You can directly ask them out if they get any calls from an alternate number from your husband.

He doesn’t need to have a separate mobile phone to use that number. Make sure that the second sim slot of your husband’s mobile is either a known number or empty if in case he is using a dual sim mobile. This is an effective way to find out if your husband has a secret cellphone.

husband has a secret cell phone

Check the anonymous names in your husband’s contact list

If you find any anonymous names or any names that you don’t recognize, then you have to pay more attention. Look for numbers that are mere with initials or a first name. Also, check for suspicious messages or chats in any of the social media applications. This will make you clear if he has a secret relationship.

You can easily find out who is using that number using various simple google applications. This will help you find a hidden secret cell phone.

Incriminating text messages and emails

Text messages and emails are the modern ways of developing a relationship. This is not going to contrast illegal relationships too. You should make sure to check your husband’s ‘deleted items’ or ‘trash’ folders. People usually let their discarded emails linger for weeks before they could permanently erase them.

Check on the location

Many smart applications can track user location every minute. So it is your responsibility to turn on the location navigator in your husband’s mobile so that you can check if your husband is on track and keeps you updated. If he turns off the location status, then you can partly confirm that he is cheating on you.

Check for secret apps in your husband’s mobile

There are many smart applications available which allow you to store your photos and videos privately with highly secured password protection. Find if your husband’s mobile has any of such applications.

The above-mentioned techniques would help you to find a hidden cell phone in your house.