Wi-fi slow on phone

Why Wi-fi slow on phone?

The main reason for anybody to use a smartphone is to connect to the internet and use for various purpose. So getting the fastest internet on your phone is the most important thing. There are a few reasons why Wi-fi slow on phone. This module will help you get through the major possible reasons for phone Wi-fi slow.

Poor router position

Wi-fi router positioned in the wrong place could be the major possible reason for a Wi-fi network to be slow on the phone. A Wi-fi signal can range up to 230 feet, passing furthermore would reduce its speed on the connected devices. It can be blocked by any of the physical media like walls, any large object, floors, and doors.

We can know the signal strength of the router on the phone. When the icon is full, the signal strength is good and decreases with the decrease in the icon. You can move closer to the router to experience better coverage.

Congested Wi-fi

Congested Wi-fi

Wi-fi congestion is the most common issue faced by those who live in apartments where the neighbor’s router would have been fixed to work on the same channel as yours leading to poor performance for both the users. Scanning all the available Wi-fi networks nearby and their channel using special software and switching to the free channel is the fix to this issue.

Wi-fi noise

Wi-fi is also affected by the noise from the other appliances in your home. Things like microwaves, wireless doorbells, and cordless phones highly influence the signal strength.

Connection to slow network

One of the obvious reasons that phone experiences slow internet are because of the slow network. Performing multiple tasks like downloading movies, and highly internet consuming activities on different gadgets at the same time will eventually make the internet-connected to your mobile phone to be slow. Setting up the Wi-fi network priority will be a fix to this issue which limits the internet usage based on the customized setting.

The phone may be slow

Slow internet on phone is not only due to the slow Wi-fi but also may be due to the old mobile that is being slow. There might be a proper internet connection and fast internet, it is sometimes the phone that is not able to do the required task. There might be no Wi-fi slow only on a phone.

Finally, make sure to keep your apps up-to-date, uninstall those that you don’t use and keep an eye on which are allowed to run in the background.